Ron Paul ‘Worried’ U.S. Might Kill Snowden With Drone: ‘I Don’t Think For A Minute He’s A Traitor’


With Obama in charge this is probably a possibility.
Check it out:

Towards the end of an outspoken 24 hours of media appearances, former Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) appeared via phone on Fox Business Network with Melissa Francis and made a bold prediction about NSA leaker Edward Snowden‘s future. “I’m worried about somebody in our government who might kill him, with a cruise missile or a drone missile.”

“We live in a bad time where American citizens don’t even have rights and that they can be killed,” Paul continued. “But the gentleman is trying to tell the truth about what’s going on, he is not defecting, there’s no signs of that happening. It’s a shame we’re in an age where people who tell the truth about what the government is doing gets into trouble.”

Paul said he “absolutely” feels confident that Snowden has no intention of selling more U.S. secrets to a foreign government as some have feared. “I don’t think for a minute that he is a traitor,” Paul said. “Everybody is worried about him and what they’re going to do and how they will convict him of treason and how they’re going to kill him, but what about the people who destroy our Constitution? What kind of penalty are those individuals who take the Second or the Fourth amendment and destroy it? What do we think about people who assassinate American citizens without trials and assume that’s the law of the land? That’s where our problem is.”



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