Rogue drone crashes, gives up operator’s secrets


Just think what Obama can do with this!
Check it out:

A rogue drone found by an employee at a Florida television station illustrates the “potential for bad behavior” even when used by a civilian, according to news investigators.

WND has reported the concerns about drones use by government agencies. President Obama has acknowledged that his administration has used drones to attack and kill terror suspects.

The drone, a small aircraft powered by battery and controlled by radio, was obtained by WKMG-TV in Orlando after the machine went out of control and fell out of the sky, ending up in a tree literally overhead from a station worker.

It had a high-definition camera attached.

So the news team went to work, reviewing the videos inside and spending several weeks to track down the location from which it was launched and the owner.

The station reported that the video, some 120 minutes on the camera, revealed the “potential for bad behavior.”

The unit raced to an apartment window and captured images of a sunbather without her knowledge.



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