Press Blames Bush for Obama’s Unprecedented Eavesdropping


Liberals just doesn’t ever seem to get it.
Check it out:

The Bush warrantless wiretaps involved foreign telephone calls. Remember when the left was getting so aggravated over the Bush warrantless wiretaps? They were involving domestic to foreign phone calls and foreign to domestic. The Bush administration was not monitoring domestic phone calls, contrary to what you were told or maybe led to believe. Obama is doing that exact thing. This is every phone call that Verizon handles. Now, they’re telling us, “Don’t worry, it’s just the metadata,” which is the phone numbers of every call, and the length of the call.

“It has nothing about the details of the call, nothing about the content. No, no, no, Mr. Limbaugh! What they’re looking for is spikes. They want to see if a bunch of numbers are called frequently, constantly in large numbers over long periods of time, and then they’ll zero in to find out who was making those calls.” So now what the media is saying along with Obama is, “Hey, this is all to protect you. Don’t sweat it! There nothing to see here. When these kinds of stories have come up about the NSA or phone records in the past under Bush…

This is not collection in the usual spy craft sense of eavesdropping. These phone logs are being used for what’s called “traffic analysis,” metadata. It involves looking for patterns in the data. But the huge number of records is almost certainly unprecedented here, as is the daily monitoring. But here’s the real question: Didn’t Obama tell us that the War on Terror is over? Didn’t he tell us that? (interruption) Yeah, I know we’re not supposed to remember he said that, but, see, I can’t help it; I do.



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