Piers Morgan Outrageously Compares U.S. Gun Culture With ‘Racist Culture’ of the ’60s


Disagreeing with liberals is now racist. I say using the term racist improperly is racist.
Check it out:

On his Thursday show, CNN’s Piers Morgan compared the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and drew parallels between the current gun debate and the civil rights and drunk driving debates of decades ago.

When guest Margaret Hoover described America’s “gun culture,” Morgan interjected, “There was a racist culture, there was a drunk-driving culture.” Even liberal Marc Lamont Hill was taken aback. “A Southern gun owner is not like a Klan member. I mean, come on,” he admonished Morgan, who claimed “I’m not saying they are.”

Morgan then accused some gun rights advocates of ignoring a child’s right to life. “What I’m talking about is a cultural situation in America that is one position, but could change. To me, putting the rights to bear arms over the rights of a child’s life is the wrong way around.”

He then lumped NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre in with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and accused both “extreme gun rights lobbyists” of inciting someone to mail a ricin-laced letter to President Obama.



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