Just like liberals to split up families.
Check it out:

Twin brothers who came up with a the winning recipe for a White House contest won’t get to share the reward of meeting First Lady Michelle Obama.

Nine-year-olds Colin and Aidan Hurliman both contributed to the recipe, “Champ’s Maple BBQ Turkey Burger,” but Colin submitted it under his name and Aidan sent in a separate recipe for corn and salmon chowder. Only Colin’s recipe made the cut.

The Burlington Free Press reports the boys’ mother tried to let Aidan share the reward but could only get a consolation prize:

The outcome presented a bit of a dilemma for the boys’ mother, Amanda Hurliman, when she found out that Colin was one of 54 winners and Aidan’s name was not on the list. Aidan has been cooking since he was 2 while Colin is more passionate about eating.

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