Obama’s Carbon Emissions Push May Help GOP


The insanity of environmental wackos is limitless.
Check it out:

Republicans and Democrats are divided as to whether Barack Obama’s Tuesday speech supporting new regulations for carbon emissions will hurt Democrats running for office in 2014. GOP members believe that Obama’s speech may have the same effect as his support for cap-and-trade before the 2010 elections, in which they made tremendous gains.

Highly conservative states like Kentucky and West Virginia, where coal can be a central campaign issue, could be turned toward the GOP because of Obama’s actions. West Virginia GOP Chairman Conrad Lucas said, “This issue is going to be at the very forefront, particularly in our federal races. Any Democrat is going to have to have some form of allegiance to the Democratic establishment to receive support. The carbon issue will be the first question anyone is asked here in the Senate race. … This issue is yet another one that backs them into a corner.”

West Virginia Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, a GOP Senate candidate, called Obama’s speech “an exclamation point” after his 2008 speech in which he stated that he thought companies building new coal-fired plants should go bankrupt.



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