Obama Returns to the War on Women


Obama needs a distraction.
Check it out:

Guess what he’s out doing today? He’s back on the War on Women. He’s revving that back up. It’s some 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act or some such thing and he’s out there talking about women bringing home the bacon but they don’t get the bacon. I’ve got the sound bites. Here’s Obama this morning in Washington at the White House, 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act.

OBAMA: Women are now the primary source of income for nearly 40% of American families. Forty percent — almost half. That’s not something to panic about or be afraid about. That’s a sign of the progress and the strides that we’ve made, but what it does mean is that when more women are bringing home the bacon, they shouldn’t just be getting a little bit of bacon.

RUSH: Yeah, that’s what it was. So when more women are bringing home the bacon they shouldn’t just be getting a little bit of it. I don’t know a woman who eats bacon, do you? You eat bacon? Do you, really? Well, I’m honored to know you. Congratulations. You’re not afraid to eat bacon, Dawn? Are you kidding me? My faith in womanhood is almost restored.



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