‘Nuclear Strike’: IRS Worker Blasts Lerner For Blaming Ohio Office

Lois Lerner

It will be nice to see Lerner in jail.
Check it out:

An IRS agent in the embattled Cincinnati office is lashing out at the agency’s managers for pinning the blame on them for the targeting of conservative groups, describing one official’s attempt to pass the blame as a “nuclear strike on us.”

According to transcripts of interviews that House investigators conducted with two Cincinnati office employees and which Fox News reviewed, agent Elizabeth Hofacre claimed that the idea this program was the work of two rogue agents is “absurd.”

She said that when Lois Lerner, the high-level official who oversaw the Cincinnati unit and is now on leave over the scandal, first acknowledged the program last month and traced it to the Ohio office, “I was furious.”

“I mean, it was inaccurate, but me especially because I was involved in the processing of these in 2010 so it looked like … Lois Lerner was putting it on us,” she said.



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