NPR Shows Off New Facility: Wellness center, café, beehives on roof… a gong?


Publically funded liberals love to waste money.
Check it out:

NPR recently moved from Chinatown into its new 400,000 square-foot home on North Capitol, and they’re excited about it. Eager to show off the new facility, the organization offered a tour to members of the media Tuesday morning, starting with breakfast from their in-house chefs, along with some talking points from CEO Gary Knell, who outlined some impressive features of the space.

The goal in the new building was to have plenty of open space to promote collaboration, something that was difficult in the smaller, closed-office building NPR used to operate out of. The newsroom is a good example of this. Spreading 100,000 square feet over two floors, the entire room is open, with the second floor operating more like a balcony around the lower level.

The tour stopped by the office of Susan Stamberg, Morning Edition correspondent and long-time NPR-er, whose voice tells elevator riders which floor they’re on and which direction they’re going. She said she enjoys seeing people who work in different departments pass by her office, something that didn’t happen in the old building.



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