Michelle Obama Shuts Down Lesbian Protestor at Fat Cat Fundraiser


Liberals going at each other for who can out liberal the other.
Check it out:

Now, this lesbian protester against Michelle Obama, I don’t think this was staged, because it’s been scrubbed from the White House website. What happens is Michelle’s out there — what was she talking about, Snerdley? Do you know? Yeah, what kind of rights? Oh, lesbian, gay, transgender, equal rights. Yeah, there’s a real shortage of that. So she’s making a speech for gay rights. Bangs looked great, by the way, don’t you think? Michelle’s bangs. Ooh, man, awesome. Great wig. (clearing throat) Uh, style. Style!

So, anyway, this lesbo activist stands up and starts giving Michelle the business about something and Michelle, in typical totalitarian, authoritarian manner, says, “Look, I’m not very good at this.” The protester wanted Obama to sign an executive order and make it happen right now, gay rights, just sign it, and Michelle, of course, she can’t sign the executive order, so she said (paraphrasing), “Look, I’m not good at this. I must be honest, this is one thing I’m not good at.” What is she telling you? She’s not good at having conversations with people, and she’s not good at listening to what other people say. And she doesn’t deal well with being heckled and so forth.

So Michelle says, “All right, look, you take the mic then and I’m leaving. You people, make up your mind, what do you want, do you want her or me? ‘Cause I’m outta here.” And of course the audience was kind of divided. The audience was divided ’cause it’s a lesbian, gay, transgender audience and they wanted fast action. The protester had some support. She was not universally shouted out. When Michelle said (paraphrasing), “Look, okay, lesbo protester, you take the mic, I’m outta here, it’s either that or I’m gonna leave.” It was not, “No, Michelle, please don’t leave.” It was not universal. The lesbian protester had some support.



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