Media Can Even Put Mr. Optimism in a Funk


Liberals. Can’t live with them. Can’t do anything to them.
Check it out:

I’ve been in a funk, folks. All week long I’ve just been in a funk, and I told you a little bit about it yesterday, just a general funk. And I’ll basically tell you why. I get hopeful e-mails from people — and, you know me, I am two things. I am Mr. Optimism. I am the epitome of optimism. But I also am the mayor of Realville, and so my optimism is always tempered with reality. And my optimism always prevails, meaning whatever negative is going on out there, I believe eventually and in time it could be overcome.

I still believe that, and I believe it, be it in individual life, be it in the life of a country, or whatever. But having said that the pressure every day to be negative is just overwhelming. Major media today is designed to tell you and me every day that we don’t count, that we are hardly worth even laughing at, much less being paid attention to. Major media every day, if you don’t know how to deal with it, will depress you. Major media every day will have you conclude the following: Nothing’s gonna happen to Obama in any of these investigations. Nothing is gonna happen to any Democrat in these investigations.



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