Long Knives Out for That Punk Kid Snowden


The really crazy thing is that he is an Obama supporter who is disappointed in Obama’s liberalism.
Check it out:

There is a substantive publicizing of intel. Snowden didn’t reveal anything. All he did was reveal the process. He didn’t give away any secrets. He didn’t reveal anything that has been learned. All he did — and I don’t mean “all” as thought it’s inconsequential, don’t misunderstand, but he just detailed the “how.” He detailed the capability. But he didn’t divulge one bit of intel.

I don’t think anybody was shocked. I wasn’t. Now, a lot of people are feigning real anger over this, and John Bolton, by the way, we had a sound bite on Bolton yesterday, we didn’t get to it, but John Bolton said, “You know, this reaction that this is getting is hysterical.” And he didn’t mean funny. He said this is an unwarranted hysteria. Every branch of government signed off on this. His point was, there’s nothing rogue about this. Every bit of it happened according to the law. You had the FISA court, judicial. You had the intelligence committees, legislative. You had the president, executive. Every branch of government knew what was going on, every branch of government okayed it. There isn’t one branch of government doing something here without the permission of the other two, and therefore there’s nothing to see here.

Well, wouldn’t you agree with that, Snerdley? Therefore, don’t get so hysterical about it. This is standard operating procedure. This is how intel happens. This is how information gathering takes place in 2013. It’s a dangerous world out there. The United States is a great nation at risk in a dangerous world, and we’ve gotta make sure that the American people are protected. That’s what causes people to start asking questions. Is this about protecting the American people or is it about targeting them? And that’s where this guy’s detailing of the process started raising at least my curiosity.

Now, he didn’t reveal anything that was illegal, which was Bolton’s point. And it wasn’t illegal because all three branches had signed off on it. I guess under that line of thinking, if all three branches signed off on doing something, I guess it’s okay. But Bolton’s point, there was nothing unconstitutional here, there was nothing illegal here, and therefore there’s nothing to see here. Basically this is the sausage making of intel gathering, and nobody wants to see the sausage factory. You want to eat the bacon and the links — well, except for Snerdley — but you don’t want to see how it’s made. At least that was Bolton’s point. I understand it. I’m a mature, relatively mature 62-year-old. But I hearken back to it matters who’s doing it and who has the power, and this regime is targeting Americans it doesn’t like, and that’s why it bothered me, pure and simple. And I think that’s only common sense, it’s not paranoia.



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