Liberals Don’t Live in Fear of Republicans Someday Gaining Control of the Spying Apparatus Again


Liberals know they can just smear more lies and the media will back them.
Check it out:

Let me tell you something. I know Hollywood has an agenda, and I know the elements of it, and I know the details of what you’re talking about, how they try to do it using the pop culture. No question about it. It’s undeniable. It’s undeniable they use the pop culture to stigmatize opponents and push their own agenda. But the idea that these meetings that they’re having were recorded perhaps and might be used by opponents who might someday be in power, I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen is, right now, you are being hunted down. You are being searched. They are trying to find out everything about you so that they can perhaps intimidate and threaten you so that you never, ever make a phone call like this again. He-he-he-he-he.

Look, it’s an interesting thing to toy with. Okay, what happens, all of this has been assembled, all this data has been assembled, and it’s there. The bottom line is, all of this is gonna travel with the Democrats. Obama’s not gonna leave this stuff behind. This is not the property of the United States government. This is not the property of the NSA. It’s Organizing for America or whatever agency, but it’s all gonna travel with Obama. It’s all gonna stay within the Democrat Party. This stuff is never gonna be accessible to us, and we are not the kind of people that would go around and collect it on them for fear that we would be discovered.



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