Unions don’t care about the law, just their socialist agenda.
Check it out:

This Friday, hundreds of union organizers and striking workers will descend upon Bentonville, Arkansas, as Walmart begins its annual shareholder meeting. Organized by union-backed OUR Walmart, the union agitators will protest the retailer’s labor policies.

There’s just one small wrinkle: OUR Walmart walks like a union and talks like a union, but — due to their attempt to create a loophole in Federal labor law — isn’t subject to the regulations and the reporting requirements that keep union activities fair and labor leaders honest.

Welcome to the “worker center,” a clever effort to take advantage of this loophole and give union front groups the ability to operate beyond the reach of the law. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka has singled them out as a new model of organization and worker representation. Employers and legislators should take note.

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