Justice Thomas and Senator Cruz on the Arizona Voting Law


The number of conservatives you can always depend on is decreasing all the time.
Check it out:

“Ted Cruz didn’t wait long to mount a legislative response to the Supreme Court’s ruling against Arizona’s voter registration rule. An amendment submitted by the Texas senator on Monday afternoon to the Senate’s immigration bill would ‘permit states to require proof of citizenship for registration to vote in elections for federal office.’ Cruz’s measure would amend the National Voter Registration Act. ‘Today #SCOTUS ruled federal “Motor Voter” law preempts AZ proof-of-citizenship requirement for voter registration,’ Cruz said on Twitter. ‘I’ll file amendment to immigration bill that permits states to require ID before registering voters & close this hole in fed statutory law.'”

And that’s a great response to this ruling yesterday. In fact, I think it’s somewhat outrageous that the Motor Voter law was passed without requiring any proof of citizenship in the first place, but that was no accident. The Democrats want as many people voting as possible. What the Democrats wanted out of this was anybody can register, anybody can get on the rolls, that’s what they wanted. Now, they didn’t get that in the ruling, but they wanted it. They wanted anybody to go register. What’s the point of motor voter? What is the point of register when you vote? What is the point of registering when you go buy milk? Just to get as many people on the voter rolls because they know that the rolls are never purged. They know that in the places they control, the polling place, they’re gonna okay anybody who walks in.



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