Just Say No to Democrat Initiatives


Don’t negotiate with liberals.
Check it out:

I want to answer the question about “we.” Why don’t “we” say “no”? Because, you know what I really have to do? We have to define who the “we” is. So when I say the Democrats propose something, why don’t “we” say “no,” well, what I’m talking about is the Republicans. But the problem with that is that there is a ruling class in Washington that is made up of people in both parties, and they don’t really think of themselves as Republicans or Democrats.

They’re identified that way for political purposes, but Washington is its own universe. So it’s true that the Democrats want 46 million undocumented Democrats to come into the country, 46 million foreigners, legal immigrants, whatever, Washington wants that, the Democrats want that. So when the Democrats want it, Washington wants it, and some Republicans. This is where we get hung up on the, “Why don’t we say ‘no,’?” because there are people among the “we,” Republicans, who support big government.

Oh, yeah.


Why do you think Tea Party candidates are opposed by the Republicans? You go back to the Christine O’Donnell and Sharron Angle races in the 2010 midterms. The reason the Republicans really were worried about Christine O’Donnell and Sharron Angle is they really thought they wouldn’t have a chance to win. The Republicans wanted the Senate. You could hear ’em say they wanted to control the chairmanships in the Senate. They wanted to get the chairmanships back.

There are Republicans that want to be in charge of the money, too. There are Republicans who want the power of controlling the money. And that’s what winning elections in Washington means. To a lot of Republicans, it isn’t about conservatism or liberalism or Democrats or Republicans. It’s about having the money or not having the money. Having the power over the money, having the power to spend it for whatever things that we’re trying to buy.

So there are a lot of Republicans who are also part of the “we.”

Democrats are some.

There are some of the “we” who agree with them.

So Washington wants illegal immigration? That means the Democrats want it, and some Republicans, too. Washington wants a powerful IRS. Washington wants Obamacare. Washington wants 46 million foreigners. There are a number of Republicans you know and I know that get saddled into the have to be categorized as in the “we,” and that’s the problem. When I say why don’t “we” say “no,” I’m making a fallacious assumption that all Republicans oppose this, and they don’t — and that ticks me off even more.



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