It’s Not Just the NSA and IRS, Folks


There doesn’t seem to be anything we can trust the federal government with. Very sad.
Check it out:

It’s not just the NSA, and it’s not just the IRS. It’s the EPA and any number of organizations the government collecting data, spying, what have you.

So the IRS has our tax records; they are going to soon have our medical records, and guess what else? The police can now take our DNA after an arrest. It was a Supreme Court decision. “It’s no different than fingerprints!” After a standard, ordinary traffic stop, the police can now take your DNA. NSA has your phone records. And, by the way, they’re not targeted. This is just scattershot. They’re just taking everything.

I’m now hearing, “Hey, look, Limbaugh! Come on, this started seven years ago. Bush started this.” This is not the same. When this all started seven years ago, it was targeted. They were looking for specific identifiers, foreign telephone calls to be matched against numbers that they knew involved terrorism. This is just a sweep, pure and simple. Obama knows what political organization you belong to.

He wants to have veto rights regarding that. The EPA wants to regulate carbon dioxide. Michelle Obama’s demanding the right to tell us what we can eat. Democrats are demanding a national gun registry. Universities have speech codes. Obama drones can see where you are in your home and can shoot you. About the only people that have any privacy left are women who are gonna have abortions, thanks to Roe v. Wade.



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