Is Paula Dean Racist?


Paula Dean told the truth under oath and should be commended for that. The strange thing is how many years ago this was with her use of the N word and how she admitted it was a different time back then. Has this story been blown out of proportion? Probably.
Check it out:

What We’ve Learned from Paula Deen’s Racism by Steven Crowder

What can we learn from Paula Deen? Well, a few things. Namely, don’t trust the person who walks into a beauty parlor and asks for “the Ursula from The Little Mermaid.”

What else? Paula Deen is likely a pretty ignorant person. Hateful? Who knows. But ignorant, without a doubt.

Most importantly, Paula Deen’s admission to the use of the N-word (in a seemingly derogatory way) was shocking to the American public. It was shocking enough to warrant her losing her job.



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