Paula Dean told the truth under oath and should be commended for that. The strange thing is how many years ago this was with her use of the N word and how she admitted it was a different time back then. Has this story been blown out of proportion? Probably.
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What We’ve Learned from Paula Deen’s Racism by Steven Crowder

What can we learn from Paula Deen? Well, a few things. Namely, don’t trust the person who walks into a beauty parlor and asks for “the Ursula from The Little Mermaid.”

What else? Paula Deen is likely a pretty ignorant person. Hateful? Who knows. But ignorant, without a doubt.

Most importantly, Paula Deen’s admission to the use of the N-word (in a seemingly derogatory way) was shocking to the American public. It was shocking enough to warrant her losing her job.

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