IRS, NSA, and Amnesty All Tie Together In a Very Nasty Way


It’s all part of a grand plan.
Check it out:

The government claims it will keep Americans safe. It says it will do so by establishing the most extensive data surveillance system in human history. It also pushes hard to pass Comprehensive Amnesty Reform. Our political leaders seem deliberately blind to this obvious contradiction.

Then, on top of the obvious epistemological blindness of building a security state with open borders, they make it worse by knowingly and deliberately unleashing the IRS on their political opponents like an underfed pack of Dobermans. All of this makes the true values of the current administration apparent. Keeping you down is far more important than keeping you secure.

So we build this gigantic security apparatus. Ft. Meade, MD bristles with antennae that listen to all of your phone calls and their analysts can scan through your credit card transactions before you even get mailed your monthly VISA bill. Yet they still wave Dzohkar and Tamerlane Tsarnaev through the door with no problem even after the Russian Government wrote them directly and mentioned the Tsarneavs directly as potential threats. And then stand there like slack-jawed idiots when the pressure cooker goes off at the finish line of The Boston Marathon. Nothing that happens at Fort George G. Meade has the intent of actually protecting my safety. I’m being spied upon instead.



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