Obama will have us defenseless against the bullies of the world.
Check it out:

Against a backdrop that evoked historic speeches by Presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, President Barack Obama vowed to “move beyond [the] Cold War” and to begin a push for reducing nuclear weapons, eventually eliminating them: “As long as nuclear weapons exist, we are not truly safe,” he said.

President Obama’s refrain was “peace with justice,” a label he applied to a variety of causes, from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to climate change and fuel-efficient cars. He also touted several achievements of his generation, including the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq, a war staunchly opposed by Germany.

Speaking after German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Obama removed his jacket during his remarks, and made his characteristic self-references, recalling his previous speech to Berlin, a campaign visit in 2008 in which he spoke to a larger crowd at the Victory Column after being denied permission to use the Brandenburg Gate.

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