Immigration bill faces uncertain future in House after clearing Senate


We need it to fail and get something done to secure the border.
Check it out:

Attention is shifting to the Republican-led House after the Senate approved a sweeping immigration overhaul that would extend legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants while increasing border security.

The Senate on Thursday voted 68-32 to approve the bill, following a series of test votes that already demonstrated the legislation had enough support to pass.

The question now is whether the Senate vote can compel the Republican-led House to follow suit. Though 68 votes is a strong majority, backers fell short of the 70 votes they were hoping to secure, a number they felt would help persuade House leaders to move forward. Some Republicans have already declared the Senate bill “dead on arrival” in the House, but House lawmakers are nevertheless working on their own piecemeal version of immigration legislation.



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