If the NSA Can Track Anyone Anywhere, Why Can’t We Find 10 to 11 Million Illegals Living in the Shadows?


We give them driver’s licenses and government benefits, so we know where they are.
Check it out:

Illegal aliens are not citizens yet, by definition, and therefore I’m pretty sure that I’m right about this. Since they are not citizens, there are no laws against the NSA tracking them. They have no constitutional protection. Now, not that it wouldn’t be granted or afforded them, ’cause, as you know, this regime wants to grant constitutional protection to every citizen in the world. But when you cut and dry it, illegals are not citizens, therefore the NSA can just do anything they want to find them.

They do have credit cards, and I think they have cell phones. And not all of them are using burner phones, disposable throwaways, which are harder to track, obviously. Prepaid phones you buy at the local convenience store when you bop in there to pick up your six-pack of Pez or whatever. You use the phone for whatever prepaid minutes and you throw it away. Might be something for some of you people to consider. It ought to be easy for the NSA and whoever else wants to track the illegals, because there aren’t really any laws stopping them. Of course, the laws are not stopping them now from tracking any of the rest of us. My only point with this is that, in the immigration bill, we’re being told that the only way to find out who these people are, is to get ’em out of the shadows.

We want to get ’em out of the shadows. We don’t want to ’em lurking in the shadows. We want to know who they are. We want to find out how many there are, a finite number, we want to stop it, button it down, no more after that. But we’re gonna have to grant them legal status in order to find out who they are. Only that will bring them out of the shadows, and we can identify ’em, tag ’em, do whatever we’re gonna do, and then secure the border.



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