If All Three Branches of Government Agree, Does That Make It Right?


All three are still government and we should never trust government.
Check it out:

Look, I don’t want sound like a National Honor Society candidate. I’m not trying to sound naive here, folks. But this Pew poll today and the Washington Post poll that shows that massive amounts of Democrats totally support the Obama spying programs, and Steny Hoyer out there saying it’s so much better than it was under Bush. John Bolton says, look, all three branches signed off on this.

Now, all three branches signed off on it. I’m sorry. In my mind — and I’m sorry to be naive — that doesn’t make it legal. All three branches signed off on the internment of the Japanese during World War II. Did that make it legal? I mean everybody knew that was happening, the courts knew it, FDR did it, the Congress knew. Well, was it legal? Was it legal and just not right? Or was it legal? All it means is — and I love John Bolton. I have an incredible amount of respect for John Bolton. But all three branches signing off — this is the most massive amount of spying and data collection ever. It’s happening in the midst of news stories of how this administration is openly targeting for punishment its political enemies. I’m sorry, that’s not in a vacuum.

There’s a context here. It matters who’s collecting this data. It’s all about the potential for abuse. Anything can be abused. That’s why it’s so important who we elect to high office. This is why character mattered so much to the Founders. It’s why we ought to do everything we can within our realm of ability to do so to elect trustworthy people, and we haven’t been doing that lately. How in the world, in the midst of what we know this regime was doing with the IRS and how they’ve tried to cover up what happened in Benghazi. Four Americans died in Benghazi, and they blamed some little video maker, some pathetic little video maker, who’s still in jail somewhere in a dungeon in Texas without bail on some bank fraud charge.



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