So many scandals, so little time.
Check it out:

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) has issued subpoenas for four State Department officials to be deposed in the Benghazi investigation. The four subpoenaed officials headed up bureaus where the ARB (Accountability Review Board) found issues contributing to an unsafe environment during the Benghazi attacks.

The Committee has thus far, only been able to interview one of the thirteen officials they had requested to speak with to date, despite repeated requests to the State Department.

In a letter to Sec. of State John Kerry, Issa wrote: “The Committee has a bipartisan interest in holding a public hearing to examine the Accountability Review Board as soon as possible. Based on the interview schedule that my staff laid out in April, it was my expectation that we would have interviewed a half dozen witnesses at this point.”

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