Glenn Beck Delivers A Teary-Eyed Monologue Using Flash Cards, Without Saying A Word


This is pretty deep.
Check it out:

Glenn Beck recently discovered that his vocal chords have been temporarily paralyzed, and so, on his show today, he delivered an emotional monologue without uttering a single word, with the aid of music and flashcards with words of inspiration written on them.

Beck says a lot without really saying anything, all set to an emotional movie soundtrack. He asks, “If today was the last day you had a voice, what would you say?” Beck calculates that he has said roughly over 89 million words, and questioned the significance of each of them, and how many were “taken out of context.” He acknowledged that he’s said mean things “to make myself better about me,” but concluded that “it doesn’t work.”

The monologue contains a healthy dose of political commentary, including a note that the NSA surveillance “should terrify all Americans” and said the only important thing to ask is “Will we stop it?”



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