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  • USCitizen

    Hmmm maybe she wasn’t taught how to write cursive. Writing cursive has been ignored by many teachers for years. This is why cursive should be taught on the elementary level. Shame on those teachers.

  • RobertNorwood

    Love your flag Bob – the original!

  • rmwayne

    The sad thing is that as long as the left wing Obama communists control this country, things are only going to get worse and conservative, straight, Christian whites are going to continue to get the worst end of the deal in this country. And now that they control the voting booths and the courts there may not be any way to get rid of them. You can vote, but if your vote is not counted or the enemy is allowed to vote over and over again things won’t improve.


    Both of us could but remember that this young woman apparently lacks such skills while she claims to be able to recall exactly word for word the phone conversation with Trevon.