‘First Comes the Legalization’: Rubio Contradicts Tough-Talking Immigration Ads


Rubio is really stepping into it here.
Check it out:

During Sunday’s Al Punto program on the Spanish-language Univision network, Senator Marco Rubio told interviewers that under the proposed Senate bill, legalization occurs first and is not contingent upon border security.

First comes the legalization. Then come the measures to secure the border. And then comes the process of permanent residence. What we’re talking about here is the system of permanent residence. Regarding the legalization, the enormous majority of my colleagues have accepted that it has to happen and that it has to happen at the same time we begin the measures regarding [border] security. It is not conditional. The legalization is not conditional. [emphasis added]

This is at clearly odds, however, with the recent radio ad by the pro-immigration group Americans for a Conservative Direction. The group, funded by FWD.us (an organization advocating for Silicon Valley priorities and backed by Mark Zuckerberg), was reportedly formed specifically to boost conservative support for immigration reform.



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