Federal Alerts Have Invaded Your Phone


Can’t wait to get the first text from Obama.
Check it out:

The presidential alert is any time Obama wants to talk to you. I remember when the federal law was passed, and it was not that long ago. But if Obama ever wants, or any president now, ever wants to issue a presidential alert, it’s thought of as very, very rare, and only in the most dire emergencies. But that ability now exists for the president of the United States to send out emergency text messages essentially to every telephone. Yeah, that’s how they come. You can turn those two off if you want, you have that ability. On Dawn’s phone, too. You didn’t even know it, right, didn’t even know it happened? It happened, they started rolling it out on Friday. And you might have seen that blue alert, thought it was something, you see ’em all the time, just released it, didn’t even read what it was, but that’s what it is.

Again, if you have an iPhone 4S or an iPhone 5. And this goes for Verizon, too, by the way. Just go to settings, notifications, scroll all the way to the bottom, and you’ll see if they’ve been installed on your phone. Amber Alerts and Emergency Alerts, you can turn those two off. The Presidential Alert doesn’t display. You can’t turn that off.



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