Get government totally out of the subsidy business. If we need some tariffs to level international markets, look at that. But government handouts and waste is not the answer.
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The House’s rejection of the food stamp/farm bill was a major victory for fiscal responsibility and limited government. Instead of adopting a fundamentally flawed $1 trillion farm bill, the House shot down the legislation by a 195–234 bipartisan vote.

Bill proponents have consistently claimed throughout the farm bill debate that “something is better than nothing.” And within minutes of the bill’s defeat, the fear-mongering grew even louder. Representative Frank Lucas (R–OK), chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, alleged that the bill was necessary to avoid “farm crises.”

The World Isn’t Going to End

Congress needs to take a deep breath. The world isn’t about to end. Food stamps will still be provided to recipients. Subsidies will still go to farmers—current appropriations extend through late fall. And permanently authorized crop insurance subsidies will continue.

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