Did Obama’s election fraud start a new trend in Iran?


Maybe we’ll have Ayatollah Obama in 2016 and he will appoint our next elected President.
Check it out:

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, personally selected Hassan Rouhani to win Friday’s presidential election even before he received the majority of the votes cast, according to a former Revolutionary Guard intelligence analyst who has defected from Iran.

Rouhani replaces Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose fraudulent election in 2009 touched off rioting by millions of Iranians. Thousands of the protesters were arrested, with many tortured, raped or executed. Rouhani, who is well-versed in deceiving the West over Iran’s nuclear program, also has blood on his hands from previous regime crackdowns.

The defected intelligence officer, who had called the selection of Rouhani as the next president one week before the election, said the regime constantly creates a phony image of division within its political system between so-called conservatives and moderates. The aim of tapping the perceived moderate Rouhani as the winner is to deceive the West yet again by creating new hope that there could be meaningful negotiations over Iran’s illicit nuclear program, he said, while buying even more time to develop nuclear weapons and thereby becoming untouchable by the West.

That scenario includes the easing of international sanctions, which have caused great economic hardship in the country.



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