Democrats Use Every Lever of Government to Establish Permanent One-Party Control


Liberals have shown that they can’t be trusted with anything.
Check it out:

Now, folks, I don’t want to be misunderstood. I’m a capitalist. Don’t get me wrong. But look at all the bailouts that have taken place. Part of capitalism is when something fails, it fails. When an investment doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. You can’t bail out everybody. And once you start picking people you’re bailing out, then you’ve got crony capitalism, and that ain’t good. And what we have now, you have these various bailouts, you have government funding, chosen industries which can’t make it on their own and often can’t even make it with government help. All the Solyndras, for example, and right now the electric cars. I don’t mean to harp on them, but you take your pick. Industries that can’t make it and therefore shouldn’t, the market will always tell you the truth about things. Industries that shouldn’t make it then get propped up. That is not capitalism, and it’s artificial. It isn’t real.

Winners and losers are being picked by the government and you no longer have capitalism and you longer have free markets. And now there are corporate entities who care about immigration for one reason only: cheap labor. What happens in the country, couldn’t care less. They’re citizens of the world. They’re gonna have customers wherever. So they’re not ideologically sympathetic any longer. So, folks, we have to admit here that despite all the talk about the middle class and class warfare, big government, crony capitalism, crony socialism, seems to be the objective of both parties now.

It seems to me that one of the big changes is that the Republicans want to get in on this. They want to get in on these government-private business partnerships or alignments. Like GE agrees to go all green and advance an Obama political agenda, in exchange for a bunch of federal money to do it. Why wouldn’t a CEO take it? It doesn’t cost him any of his money. He’s not paying federal income tax anyway, according to the latest news. His bottom line looks great, stockholders love him, brand-new business to explore, brand-new markets to develop, paid for by the US taxpayer. Not his own investment. So you get in bed with the party in control, you get in bed with the president, doesn’t matter if the guy’s socialist, communist, capitalist, or whatever. You get in bed with the guy who’s got the key to the Treasury and you’re off and running, and you give that guy money to get elected and reelected, that guy’s gonna take care of you.

It used to be — and I can remember the days — that big donors would give money and want ideas in exchange. They would want ideological advancement in exchange. Now, you give money to have some of it sent back to you. Or to get the government out of your way or off your back or some such thing. The Democrats have always been that way. What’s new is that the Republicans seem to be eager to get in this game.



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