Democrats Aren’t The Only Problem

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Conservatism is the answer.
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Many conservatives believe the tipping point has tipped – that a majority of Americans are either ill-informed, uneducated, delusional, foolish, feel entitled or are just plain lazy to the point where they will continue to vote for the Party or candidate they feel will give them more and more free stuff. Young kids espousing socialism over capitalism; rich liberals with their guilt and hypocrisy about how and why we got where we are; minority groups who have been convinced they’ll never survive without help from the government; and rabid, single issue pro-abortion voters have been organized and motivated to keep the Federal pig trough flowing.

But it wasn’t without the help of Republicans.

Remember it was not that long ago that George W. Bush was in the White House with a Republican majority in both the House and the Senate. Did they eliminate the departments of Education, Energy, Agriculture, anything? How about the budget – was it cut? Did we reduce the deficit, even when you put the cost of the wars aside, did we do anything about spending or reforming entitlements? The answer is a big fat no. In fact, Republicans in the House, Senate and White House spent like there was no tomorrow and actually created new entitlements!

Combine that with two wars and whether you agree with them or not, the stage was set for the Pelosi coup in 2006 and Obama’s in 2008. People may be disgusted with Democrats, but at least they know who they are. Who are Republicans? They say they’re for limited government, but when they had the chance, what happened – anything but. All Republicans had to do was be good stewards of the economy, put into motion some simple steps in entitlement reform, blast apart the Taliban and then get the hell out and we’d still be in the majority. There – I’m a rocket scientist.



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