“Creepy-Ass Cracker” not Racist Term


This is so telling about the mindset of the term racist. Only a one way street to the liberal community.
Check it out:

No, of course not! It’s common parlance and statement of fact. Zimmerman was and is a “creepy ass cracker.” It’s a statement of fact. It’s not racial. It’s not offensive. Creepy ass cracker. She knows that she can’t say anything that’s offensive. It’s not gonna ever be judged as offensive. She’s permitted to say whatever she wants! Now, if Trayvon Martin had been referred to as a “crazy-ass” something else, that would have been big.

This may end up being big, I don’t know about the jury, but it’s a statement of fact. “He’s a creepy ass cracker! What do you mean, lawyer? Ain’t any big deal. It’s not racial. It’s not offensive. It’s a statement of fact. He’s a creepy ass cracker! Look at him. Look at you! You’re a creepy ass cracker, you lawyer! You’re a creepy ass cracker, asking me all these questions, you creepy ass!

“All of you are creepy ass crackers. Everybody in here is creepy ass crackers. The only reason I’m in here is ’cause you are all creepy ass crackers!” This is the prosecution’s star witness, folks. This is it. Rachel Jeantel. The exchange then continued. This is about a letter that she wrote. By the way, she’s 19 years old, and she can’t read cursive on a letter that she supposedly wrote herself. She can’t read it. That’s what this is about.



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