Christie’s Clever Call


Wasn’t Christie just hanging out with Obama? Not sure I can get past that.
Check it out:

Here are the basics of Christie’s baby-splitting decision, with political analysis to follow:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie set an Oct. 16 special election to elect a successor to Sen. Frank Lautenberg, who died Monday. Christie announced the special election date at a news conference Tuesday in Trenton, a day after the Democratic senator died of complications from viral pneumonia. The primaries for the special election will be held Aug. 13. “The issues facing the Senate are too important and too vital not to have an elected representative,” said Christie. “I favor the people selecting who represents them, not me.” New Jersey state law conflicted on the timing of a special election to fill a vacancy. One section of New Jersey law on vacancies said the special election should be held at the next general election, which is on Nov. 5 — the same time as the governor’s election. Another reading of the law said the special election would be held in November 2014, when the Senate seat is on the ballot anyway for a new term. Christie’s decision drew immediate criticism from Democrats, who wanted the special election to be set for November. The governor said the state will absorb the costs of the special election, estimated by the New Jersey Office of Legislative Services to be about $12 million per election.



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