CBO: Uninsured Under Obamacare Never Falls Below 30 Million


I thought this was the whole point of ObamaCare. Another lie from Obama since really the whole point is control.
Check it out:

On Monday, CNBC reported on a new survey that found that two-thirds of Americans currently without health insurance don’t know if they will purchase coverage by the deadline, the first day of 2014. The survey was released by InsuranceQuotes.com, a company that offers comparison shopping for insurance, similar to the “marketplaces” envisioned by Obamacare. The results of the survey surprised Laura Adams, senior insurance analyst at the company:

“I was really shocked that 64 percent [of uninsured adults] said they haven’t decided if they will purchase insurance by the Jan. 1 deadline,” Adams said. “I was definitely surprised by the high number of people who really have no clue what they’re going to do next year.”

“We don’t want these consumers to miss this key deadline,” she said, adding that new heath-care exchanges under Obamacare will begin accepting applications for insurance in less than four months. “They’re going to potentially go without health care for the entire year.”



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