‘Blood in the water’: Media ‘sharks’ devour Deen


This one is amazing since she is a liberal, but doesn’t seem to be getting the same forgiveness liberals typically give each other. Especially when these were comments made 30 years ago.
Check it out:

How did Paula Deen, a spunky 66-year-old TV chef, go from being the much-loved “queen of Southern cuisine” to exiled pariah in just days?

Deen, who campaigned for President Obama in 2008 and cooked alongside Michelle Obama on national TV, was ranked as the fourth highest-earning celebrity chef in 2012. She’s now under fire for admitting in a legal deposition to use of the “N”-word many years ago.

The controversy ensued after a former employee at Deen’s Savannah, Ga., restaurants filed a lawsuit accusing Deen and her brother, Bubba Hier, of racial and sexual harassment.



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