Barack Obama is a Great Success


A liberal success means a failure for freedom and our country.
Check it out:

He’s getting everything he wants. He’s transforming this country in ways that no one ever thought possible. He is succeeding at every turn, and he has a scandal pop up at just the right time every moment some big transformation’s taking place so that we’re all distracted. Everything the guy wants is happening one way or the other, sooner than later, later than sooner. Whatever. Nobody’s stopping Obama. Nobody’s stopping the Democrats. They’re getting everything they want.

They’re getting everything they want with the Republican Party going along with most of it! Now, if your definition of a successful president or a failure as a president is somebody who is making a mess of things? Yeah, then he’s a miserable failure. But from his standpoint, Obama’s objectives, his goals? I’ll bet you Obama, in private, can’t believe how easy this has been. I’ll bet you when he and Holder and Valerie Jarrett and the rest of them get together, they laugh and talk about how easy this has been.

And how much sooner and how much quicker they’ve been able to effect all these transformations than they thought they’d be able to. It may not take them 15 years to get to single payer. They may do it before Obama leaves office if these exchanges are as screwed up as everybody says. But we now know what the Obamacare exchanges are all about. They’re just ways for Obama to deeply entrench the Democrat Party as the majority party of this country in perpetuity.



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