Oh yeah, this will fix the problem of liberals violating the constitution.
Check it out:

On NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday, former Barack Obama senior advisor David Axelrod said that non-profit groups should be given special scrutiny, just a few weeks after suggesting that the IRS’ targeting of conservative non-profit groups was a problem for the administration. “I think the whole 501(c)4 concept has to be looked at – groups applying for tax exemption and also to keep their donors secret,” Axelrod said, echoing the same Democrat talking points that likely prompted IRS investigation in the first place. “How do you decide what is political and what is not political? That ought to be looked at.”

Axelrod also echoed the comments of White House senior advisor David Plouffee Sunday morning. “If there was someone political involved in this,” Axelrod said, “it never would have happened because it was the stupidest thing you can imagine.”

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