Atheist Religion set to unveil first public monument at Florida courthouse


Atheism is a religion since that is their belief set. So how can they argue to have their religious statue there and also argue to get rid of the 10 Commandments? Hypocrites.
Check it out:

Come June 29, a county courthouse in Northern Florida will have the dubious distinction of becoming the first public property in America to display a monument touting atheism.

The monument is set for unveiling on that date, Religion News Service reported. It’s a 1,500-pound granite bench from American Atheists that’s engraved with secular quotes from Founding Fathers Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin and from group founder Madalyn Murray O’Hair.

American Atheists is based in New Jersey and touts a membership of 4,000, RNS reported. It’s battled for years for the right to display its monument on public properties, calling it a constitutional right and claiming that deniers are guilty of First Amendment discrimination.



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