Amnesty: GOP’s Ticket to Nonexistence


Securing the border first is an absolute must.
Check it out:

Well, let me clarify for you what he told me on the phone today. And he reminded me that he said this while he was here whenever his last interview was on the program. And he said it then, too. His point is, he’s not relegating border security to secondary status. He has just decided that we need to get these 11 million people, whatever they are, identified so that they’re it, that they’re the end of it, it stops after them. And the only way to do that is to immediately put them on the pathway to citizenship. But it’s all part of securing the border, is the point that he’s trying to make. His point is he’s really not changing his strategy or his opinion on this.

He points out there’s still the 10- to 13-year waiting period before they’re granted citizenship. I did on the phone this morning, I asked him, “Well, what about the idea, we had it yesterday, that those people during that 13-year period are not eligible to vote, they’re not eligible to get Obamacare benefits or any others, so what about the idea that they’re gonna be hired first, they’re cheaper?” He said, “Yeah, that’s a problem, and it goes to show we’ve gotta deal with Obamacare as well.” But he’s insistent that the legalization process is not the right to vote immediately, it’s not the right to collect benefits immediately. It’s simple drag ’em out of the shadows so they’ll be identified so that we know that’s it, no more after that. Then we secure the border to make sure that doesn’t happen.

It’s exactly how we lost California. You can trace back, go back, California early eighties, seventies, the Republican Party owned that state. They literally politically owned that state. The governors were Republican, the legislature was Republican. When I got to California in 1984, the Republican Party was still viable, Pete Wilson and the gang, it was still a viable political party that shared power.

Amnesty hits in 1986 and from that point forward is when the Republican Party began to fade into practical nonexistence in California. So the fear is that’s what would happen nationally. And of course a lot of people agree with you, and that’s why the Democrats want this. The big mystery is how come we’re the only ones that see this? Why don’t the Republicans see it this way? I can’t tell you that.



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