A Review of the Obama Scandals


It’s hard to have a review since there is a new one practically everyday
Check it out:

There’s every reason to believe, in context of the other scandals, that this access, this PRISM access, could have been used to target Americans, and for political reasons, all the while we’re told that the purpose is to stop terrorism and to find foreign activity that’s suspicious. But given who’s collecting the data, there’s no reason to think that this access might not have been used to monitor Obama’s political opponents and not just terrorists. David Petraeus comes to mind and the outing of his affair. Somebody knew about it, and somebody outed him. And it happened for political reasons.

Then we have the secret e-mail accounts of the members of the regime. The existence of secret e-mail accounts shows that the regime has political appointees in all of the top bureaucracies who are unaccountable, who are engaging in activity that is absent oversight. Obviously this is being done purposefully. And these secret e-mail accounts keep these e-mails from being subject to Freedom of Information Act requests, and they prevent any official record of activity. This would allow these political appointees to avoid accountability, and this practice could also explain the lack of direct connection between the White House and Benghazi talking points, the IRS scandal we can’t find. Everybody looking for a smoking gun — there may well be one. I doubt it when it comes to Benghazi, and I doubt it with the IRS, but let’s say there was.

If there’s a smoking gun, it’s gonna be with these secret e-mail accounts that nobody can have access to except the regime. This is just a brief summary without getting into other aspects of policy such as Fast and Furious, whatever the intentions the regime has on immigration, which we have a pretty good idea, and guns. But it’s safe to say that the America you all were taught about and all grew up in is subject to being transformed because people running the show today do not like it.



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