A Dose of Reality on Immigration


Secure the border first.
Check it out:

This 13-year business, you know and I know that that isn’t gonna hold up. That’s just in there to have some chance of this bill being passed. Cause I’ll tell you exactly what’s gonna happen. If this happens to get passed with this 13-year waiting period, within six hours of Obama signing the bill, Chuck Schumer is gonna find the nearest camera and microphone, and he’s going to start wailing and moaning about how unfair that provision is. Thirteen years to be able to be a full fledged citizen, after we have just made them legal? Thirteen years? That’s inhumane. That’s unfair. We may as well allow them to become citizens and vote tomorrow.

I guarantee you that’s the design. I guarantee you that is an unspoken objective or goal. This business of having these newly legal provisionally legal immigrants wait 13 years for all the goodies of citizenship, you have to be born on a turnip truck to think that that’s gonna hold up. This is another reason why it won’t hold up. Six hours, maybe fewer than six hours, maybe six minutes. I mean, Chuck Schumer will leave the signing ceremony at the White House, and he’ll find the nearest camera outside the driveway, and he’ll start talking about how unfair this 13 years is and he doesn’t know how it ended up in the bill. But it’s unfair. It’s unjust. It’s un-American. It’s discriminatory — all of these things that they know now that they’re gonna say. And then public pressure will be put on ’cause the Democrats are gonna want these people to vote in 2014, folks.

By hook or by crook they’re gonna find a way to make that happen if this bill passes. I imagine there’s some Republicans in the Senate and the House listening or staff members listening, “No, no, no, you’re wrong, Rush, please don’t say that! That is not gonna happen, 13 years is hard and fast.” All right, I’ll allow that you believe that and that that’s what’s intended. But I know Democrats. I know what the purpose of this amnesty bill is and there isn’t one element of it that is geared toward compassion. That’s a selling point, but what they’re really after is votes.



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