You Can’t Convince Me the Code Pink Heckler Wasn’t a Setup


They had this choreographed from the get go.
Check it out:

The voice of that woman is worth paying attention to? Is that why they dragged her out of there? Because they did there in that bite, they finally dragged her out. That’s why they dragged her out because she’s worth listening to? What’s going on here? I’ll tell you what’s going on here is the Limbaugh Theorem. Obama ends up agreeing with the heckler. Actually he didn’t. He said (impression), “That woman, you know what, the voice of that woman is worth paying attention to.” And then after that he said, “Now, as you might imagine, I don’t agree with much of what she said, but it’s very important what she said.” So he wanted that said. He wanted a protester in there saying that, because if Obama himself is being protested by a far-left wing fruitcake nut, normally thought to be one of his supporters, and she is, Medea Benjamin and Code Pink and Barack Obama are equal parts radical — this whole thing had to be staged.

In addition to Obama speaking very long and trying to change the subject, this makes him look like a reasonable centrist when this Looney Toon walks in there, and then they let her go on and on and on and on and shout all these grievances, and then Obama, in true Limbaugh Theorem style, ends up suggesting that what she is saying is worth paying attention to. So he’s got the left-wing base which is adamant that we close Gitmo and adamant that every terrorist there be released and have their run of the country here. So, I think we got played again.



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