What Did Obama Know and When Did He Know It — and Where Was He That Night?


It’s all about the lies.
Check it out:

Now, what we do know is this: At five o’clock Eastern time, when Obama was told about this, he told Hillary and Panetta (in two separate conversations, I believe), “You guys do whatever you have to do.” But they’re limited.

They cannot order the military around, nor can they order a stand-down — and there were two separate orders, Garrett, to stand down. Greg Hicks testified to this. There were two separate orders to stand down. The excuse, to date, that the regime is using, is, “Well, nobody coulda gotten there in time any.” But three people did get there in time to get killed. Three people from the CIA mission went over there to help, after being told not to.

They defied orders. Their colleagues were under assault; they were told not to do anything about it. They said, “To heck with that,” and they went over there. You know the story. You know all of this. They went over there to try to help. One of them had a laser, and he found one of the shooters aiming at the consulate, and he “painted” him. He thought he was illuminating the target for air strikes from above, a laser-guided bomb.

The problem is there wasn’t a laser-guided bomb in the sky because there wasn’t an American bomber in the sky. So all he did was illuminate his own position — and he died. He got killed. So there were people that got there in time. There were people that wanted to get there in time. It was entirely possible. Now, plausible deniability. Obama doesn’t read the daily briefing? Can you see this? Can you see them putting this explanation forward?



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