What Benghazi Shows Us: Democrats Can’t Be Trusted with Life-and-Death Decisions Because They Live in Denial


Liberals lie. People die.
Check it out:

Ladies and gentlemen, I realize how lonely this job of mine can be on days like this, trying to explain the left to you, and when I offer the explanations, you reject them because you are judging them in the same rational way you would judge anybody else. You can’t do that. We literally do not have any common ground with these people. There isn’t any bipartisanship possible. When you are pampered like these people are, particularly Obama, when you’re pampered, you start out thinking you are the God’s gift to creation, and then you’re treated that way your whole life. And then at the pinnacle of your career you are treated that way by everybody in your circle from the media on down to every donor, you can very easily have a jaundiced perception of yourself.

After 9/11 happened in 2001, what was the left’s reaction? We deserved it. Don’t deny it, folks. The State Department had a panel discussion and a seminar after 9/11, the title of it was, “Why do they hate us?” The State Department. This is the Bush State Department. The career people in there are a bunch of leftists. Why do they hate us? It was our fault.

Now, as far as Obama and Hillary and the Democrats are concerned, 9/11 happened because of George W. Bush. The world hated America. The world hated George W. Bush. Remember? Remember all of the attempts — Cyrus Nowrasteh had a movie that ABC edited, wouldn’t make a DVD of, leading up to the events of 9/11, how they happened, and any criticism of Bill Clinton in that thing was scrubbed and eliminated. Even though Bill Clinton in 1998 had warned of the identical things that George Bush warned of, it was as though Clinton never said those things.

The Democrat Party, the American left genuinely, now — do not doubt me on this — genuinely believes the world hated this country because of George W. Bush, because of Iraq, because of Afghanistan, because of the War on Terror. When Barack Obama was elected, the Democrat Party and Obama and Clinton and Hillary and all of them, Biden, you name it, Steny Hoyer, Chris Van Hollen, Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz, they all believed. They weren’t just saying this. They really believed that with the election of Obama, the United States was loved once again. They really believed the terrorists were not going to hate us anymore. They do believe that. That is how much they think of themselves. That is how much they love themselves. They don’t just say these things. They believe these things that they say.



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