War Memorials Crumble as Funds are Spent on More ‘Meaningful’ Projects


All the money government wastes and there isn’t any to honor our heroes. Sad.
Check it out:

Around the country, war memorials are fallling apart while funds that could be used to repair them are spent on more contemporary and “meaningful” matters.

For example, according to Newsmax, in Greensboro, NC, where the decades-old memorial to soldiers of WWI is crumbling, University of North Carolina-Greensboro professor David Wharton fears the funds needed to repair the structure will be hard to secure. He thinks that because “the war was a long time ago,” the memorial isn’t “meaningful for most people” anymore.

It seems Wharton’s concern is well-founded. In Honolulu, Hawaii, officials are thinking about bulldozing a faltering WWI memorial in order to replace it with a beach. And in Michigan’s upper peninsula, in the town of Wakefield, a building constructed in 1924 to honor WWI soldiers was demolished in 2010 after renovating it “was deemed too expensive.”



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