War Drums: Assad Vows To Strike Israel


The insanity from tyrants is always quite ridiculous. If it didn’t cost lives it might be quite a side show.
Check it out:

President Bashar al-Assad of Syria displayed a new defiance in a television interview broadcast on Thursday, warning Israel and suggesting he had secured plenty of weapons from Russia as his civil-war opponents falter politically and Hezbollah fighters infuse force into his military campaign.

Mr. Assad spoke in an interview on Al-Manar television, which is owned by his ally Hezbollah, the powerful Lebanese Shiite militant group, further punctuating his message of growing confidence that he could prevail in a civil war that is now more than two years old and has claimed more than 80,000 lives.

Asked about weapons deliveries from Russia, which Israel has threatened to use force to prevent, Mr. Assad said, “Russia is committed with Syria in implementing these contracts. What we agreed upon with Russia will be implemented, and part of it has been implemented over the recent period, and we are continuing to implement it.”



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