This Is Big Government. This Is Liberalism. That Has to Be the Focus for the 2014 Election, Not Barack Obama


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Folks, let me tell you something. I’m just gonna launch here. I’ll do this with as much restraint as possible. But, in my humble thinking, the people of this country, if it came to this, are simply not going to tolerate the first black president being removed from office. And if that’s not gonna happen, all the rest of this is academic. The people of this country are not gonna tolerate the first African-American attorney general being removed from office. They’re just not gonna put up with it, and they’re not gonna sit by while it happens, no matter what.

But beyond that, I’m telling you, as far as the public is concerned, Obama’s not in trouble. These people that you saw sitting behind McConnell laughing, I don’t know what they’re laughing about, but this isn’t gonna touch Obama. Benghazi’s not gonna touch Obama. Nothing else has touched Obama. The economy hasn’t touched Obama. The debt hasn’t touched Obama. The fact that nobody can find a decent job anymore hasn’t touched Obama. The fact that militant terrorists are all over the place attacking Americans hasn’t touched Obama.

Why is this? The mistake, if we got people on our side thinking, “All right, now we finally got something.” No, we don’t. In the first place, you are not going to see the media join any kind of movement to even cause Obama to be embarrassed to be in trouble. CNN just updated their poll. Obama’s approval numbers are up an additional two points today over yesterday. The daily tracking, he’s up two more points, according to CNN. So all this talk about causing a backlash, it’s so misplaced. We’re nowhere near. Now, I think the focus of this needs to totally change.

I think, as I said on Friday, the focus of this, we need to just leave Obama out of this. What this is is liberalism. What this is is big government out of control, and we don’t want this no matter who’s in charge of it. And I’m not saying this, folks, because I’m afraid to go after Obama. Please don’t assume that. I’m saying it because Obama’s not gonna be on a ballot anymore. There’s at no point — the people of this country are not going to tolerate the first black president being removed from office, impeachment or whatever, no matter, no how, no kind, no when, no wherever. That isn’t gonna happen, no matter how justifiable it may become. It isn’t gonna happen.



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