These Scandals are Liberalism Out of Control


It’s what we can always expect with liberals since they have no core values.
Check it out:

The whole point of the IRS scandal was to get him reelected. The whole point of the IRS scandal was to prevent his enemies from organizing and raising money. The whole thing was political. He was responsible for it. He set the stage for it. He is the one that sets the tone for it. He is Mr. Partisan. He is the man that they are all loyal to. He is the guy who inspires this kind of thing. For him to come out and say, “Well, you know, I’m just as mad about it as you are. We’re gonna fix this thing.” Yeah, they didn’t do anything about it until the problem surfaced, and, of course, they didn’t know any of these problems were taking place.

You know, folks, they’re insulting our intelligence. The president’s insulting our intelligence with this, but, again, I just want to stress that this is liberalism. This is Big Government out of control. When liberals end up with this kind of power, this is how they use it. This is why they want government to be big, and it’s why they want to be part of government. They thirst for this power and they love using this power. They love turning the power of the federal government on their enemies.

“Well, don’t conservatives do this, Mr. Limbaugh?” Actually, no. You might find rogue examples of it. Gotta go back to Nixon to find a Republican accused of this kind of stuff. Republicans want to get government out of people’s lives. Republicans — well, conservatives do. Conservatives want people not to have to even think about government every day. It’s kind of like an operating system in a computer. You just want it to work. You want to be able to do what the computer does without having to interact with the operating system all the time. You don’t want to go ask the operating system for permission to copy something and to paste something and to e-mail. You just want to do it.



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