The Tea Party is What American Politics is Supposed to Be All About


And somehow the left tries to make the TEA party out to be evil.
Check it out:

Joe the Plumber is just an average, ordinary American guy. He represented a huge… It wasn’t so much that he represented a threat, although it was in the campaign. He did make Obama slip up. “Well, you know, we want to spread the wealth around.” Obama was trying to campaign on things. He was trying to hide the fact that he was a big redistributionist, and he had let the cat out of the bag when Joe the Plumber challenged him on it.

And without even needing to be told, a fellow traveler activist in the bowels of the Ohio government knew exactly what to do. Now, one more thing on this Tea Party business, because when this was happening, when the Tea Party was coming to life, I studied it. I looked at all the media people who tried to make it look like the Tea Party was their idea, all the media people who were trying to position themselves in such ways that people thought the Tea Party was the result of their leadership on air or whatever.

There were politicians doing it, too.

What I always thought was the great thing about the Tea Party, and the thing today that makes it so powerful, is that it doesn’t have a leader. Even now there’s not one single person that speaks for the Tea Party. They’ve got a number of different groups, factions, organizations. They all have their different spokespeople, and they’re all on television. They’re just, folks, the essence of Civics 101. When you’re first taught about politics…



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